Validation Parking

How Validations Work at the James Center

Validations are pre-printed stickers to be placed on the parking tickets received by guests at the garage and deck entrance. A business can choose to pay for all parking or a set amount of time. Once the sticker is presented at the exit, it will either raise the gate or ask the visitor for the difference in amount.

Payment for Validations

CityParking will collect from Office / Business’s parking patrons all validated parking tickets (and any portion of the parking charge to be paid directly by the patron), and submit to Office / Business on a monthly basis an invoice reflecting the validated parking charges due to CityParking for the preceding month. Full payment shall be received by the “”Payment Due Date”, which is defined as 20 days of receipt of the invoice.

To request an account or additional validation stickers, please contact us at or call the Parking Office.